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Hello ^^

I'm new to this community as I'm new to Flash.
I'm using Macromedia Flash Pro 8 and chose to make a game for my first project (<< ambitious).
It's a kind of "make your own adventure game" (or what people call it), so people will face a different fate for a character based on the choices they make (it's no rpg where you can walk around, though).

Now, everything went fine up to the point where I wanted to do a shop/inventory for the character.
When clicked on an item it shall show it in a box at the top while at the same time the player buys this item. The buying progress works fine, but the items won't show up in the inventory.

>> This is what it looks like now <<

The items bought shall be placed in the boxes at the top.

I tried several tutorials but they were all focused on a RPG in which your character actually walks over the items. T_T

I hope someone is able to help me or can at least provide a tutorial that may help.

Pretty please?
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