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Forcing getUrl to open in new window/tab

G'day everyone,
I'm working on rebuilding my portfolio site, which is entirely flash (AS 2.0). Within my portfolio, I've used </b>'loadMovie'</b> to load a .SWF of a banner I did sometime ago. The .SWF of this banner contains getUrl links to the company's website - these links open in the same window.

However- I'd like to be able to somehow force these links to open in a new window / tab. The issue is I don't have the source (.FLA) file for this banner anymore, so I can't simply change the target of these links.

I've managed to trick it into working by placing another button over the loader that loads the banner .SWF, however this then prevents some nice animation in the banner that functions on button rollOver.

Anyone got any suggestion on how I can force the links within this .SWF to open in a new window / tab? Keep in mind I don't have the source file any longer.
Thanks in advance everyone.
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