Not sure where else to go for help.

Hi, I am working on a Flash CS4 website for my college senior project and I am having one major issue that I cannot overcome. I have several pages inside the site, the buttons work they click properly and make the sound they are coded to make. I have this codes to go to other pages and for some reason it does nothing. The button clicks however I cannot go beyond the home page.

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Problems With Buttons

Hi, everybody!

I'm pretty new to Flash, so please excuse my idiocy. ( :
Here's my problem; I have a MC named "orange" (that is also his instance name) who I want to change color when a button  is pressed. (I put the new color in frame 2 of the MC.) So I put this code in on the button:

_root. orange. gotoAndStop (2);

There is no error message when I test the movie, but the button simply does nothing.
Any tutorials, advice, or help will really be appreciated. (Also, if this sort of question is not allowed or if it needs an LJ cut please tell me and I will fix it!)

 Thanks in advance!
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photoshop or fireworks?

what is your preferred method for bringing a layered document (PSD or PNG) in to flash? (a link to a tutorial that you know works would be fine.)

i tried just importing a PSD and it was such a mess. jaggy edges and so on. but i don't know if that's because it's a PSD, or if it's something i did.
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(no subject)

k, i suck at flash. i tried to make 4 different animations and then put them on one frame in the stage and use actionscript to control the movie and play those animations in sequence. that doesn't work though...

i could build the animations in the main timeline one after the other and then just put a play/pause button on it.

is there a way i can just import the little movie timelines in to the main stage timeline, rather than do all of this over again?

Need help

Hi there,

I'm totally new to Flash technology, just started to learn CS4 version of tthe program. I'd like to know how to animate text as if it is being written by an invisible brush or pen (this means I want my text to appear gradually, but not using alpha). Is there any way to do that?

Thank you.