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Huuuge problems.

Ohai, newbie posting.

This community may be my last hope. I'm in deep *BEEB* with my school work, and I have literally thought myself an headache for not figuring out these three, so simple-ish tasks which I continue having problems with.

Problem number one:

So. I am supposed to make a photogallery, with three tumbnails, so that when you click a thumbnail, a larger image of the thumbnail appears and stays next to the thumbnails. Same with the two other thumbnails. I've tried dozens of different scripts, and every time it comes to that I have to press the mouse button all the time in order to keep the bigger image visible. If I just click it, the picture will just flash quickly. What damn script I need and where to put it in order to make this work?

Problem number two:

This one sounds so easy it makes my eyes hurt. I've added music on this mainpage. It stops when I continue to another page, like its supposed to. Well, there is an other page with a different music, but that music WON'T stop playing when I move to another page. What gives?

Problem number three:

I'm supposed to do two links, that when you press a link, a video will appear under it, with a controlpanel, and won't start playing by it's own. I am SO SICK of battling with all these things it brings acid-tears into my eyes everytime I even try to figure these out nowdays.

Like I said, this is an imporant school thing, and if I want to gratuate, I will have to do those things. I'm out of answers here. Can you guys help? Here's my email:

Thanks in advance! -Inka
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